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Carburetor Repair Parts & Rebuild Kits

Find Carburetor Repair Parts & Rebuild Kits for your application via the catalog links below. Rebuild Kits contain the items listed, while many of our kits have additional components. Instruction Sheet, an exploded diagram of the carburetor, rebuilding instructions, and adjustment specifications. Airhorn Gaskets, most US-built downdraft carbs, have three parts, the airhorn, float bowl, and throttle body. Depending on the kit, there may be one or several airhorn gaskets. Needle/Seat, the fuel inlet seat, gasket, and needle valve. Accelerator Pump, accelerator pumps come in various types; plunger-type and diaphragm-type pumps are common. Throttle Body Gasket, this gasket goes between the float bowl and the throttle body. Some carbs, such as the Ford 2100 and 4100, don’t use these. Flange Gasket, a gasket between the carburetor and intake manifold is supplied. There may be several for different applications. Choke gasket, Check Balls, etc. Various other bits and pieces, such as clips, seals, and gaskets, are supplied as required.

Carburetor kits do not contain floats, choke pull-offs or choke coils but we do offer them at an additional charge. See the catalog links below.

Agricultural & Industrial Carburetor Kits
Automotive/Truck Carburetor Kits, and Floats
Inboard Marine Carburetor Kits, Outboard Marine Carburetor Kits
High-Performance Kits
Carburetor Kits by OEM Number
Choke Pull Off’s, Choke Thermostats
Secondary and Governor Diaphragms
Needle and Seat Assemblies
Idle Solenoids, Throttle Holding Solenoids
Replacement Carter Thermaquad Fuel Bowls

Choke Thermostat, Floats

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