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Club Car 1013758 Type K Transaxle Case Gasket

Although the Club Car 1013758 Type K Transaxle Case Gasket has been discontinued, the following PDF file can be used to craft a replacement. The original gasket was manufactured with .008″ – .0010″ gasket paper. While it is acceptable to seal the transaxle case halves with Threebond 1184, many mechanics enjoyed the ease and convenience of the gasket. Note: In some cases while using an inkjet printer, the gasket material can be loaded and the gasket template printed out directly.

Click here or on the image for the gasket template.

Just a reminder, our Club Car limited slip shims can be installed in 1997-2013 Gas units as well as Club Car Electric units with Type K Transaxles. Our shims replace the OEM 1013774’s and add 100LbFt of torque to both drive wheels while maintaining differential function. $49.95US plus shipping. (Youtube Demo)

Compared to the stock open differential, you will get better off-road traction with our Club Car limited slip shims. This is due to transmitting power to the wheels. Our Limited Slip Shims Increase traction while still allowing some differential function. Sharp turns on Turf Grass will result in Turf Damage. Our shims are ideally suited for off-road use.

Installation requires transaxle disassembly. (Covered in our Powertrain Publication)

Amazon USA Link   Amazon Canada Link

Our Club Car Engine and PowerTrain book contains hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams to help guide readers through the rebuilding process of their Club Car engine / Transaxle. Each step, from disassembly and inspection, through final assembly etc, is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format.


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