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Club Car Parts ClassifiedsPrior to operating Porcellato Engineering full time, I worked the business in the evenings rebuilding Club Car Powertrains. We also sold a ton of used parts through our Classifieds.

I was the service manager for Attica Equipment, a large west coast equipment dealer. Attica had Kalmar, TCM and the Club Car line as well as a 300 plus vehicle rental fleet that kept us busy. I learned a great deal about Club Car over my 21 years of service to Attica. When Attica closed their doors in November 2017, I sold the reman equipment and reinvented Porcellato Engineering. These days our Club Car business / Club Car Classifieds is more of a hobby. Long gone are the days of building 150 Club Car engines a year. We made a lot of friends via our Club Car business. Friends throughout Canada, United States and the world. We look forward to continuing where we left off, albeit on a much smaller scale. BP.

Ps. I have personally rebuilt hundreds Club Car / Kawasaki engines and Transaxles. Feel free to contact me for no cost, no obligation technical assistance.

Club Car / Kawasaki 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Engines 1984 - 2013 KF82 - FE290 - FE350 - FE400. Also includes: 1997-2013 Club Car Gas Transaxle, 1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K HS Gear Installation, 1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K Posi Shims.
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Club Car Clutch PullerClub Car Primary Drive Clutch Puller Tool
Machined from 4140, Includes Grade 8 Bolt
Used on Club Car DS 88-05 DS Carts and Club Car Precedent 2004 and newer gas carts with OEM Clutch.
Made in Canada by Porcellato Engineering
$16.50US / $21.45Cdn
Club Car Limited Slip Shims97-13 Club Car Gas / Type K Posi Shim. PN BPPK077
Our Limited Slip Shim set increases traction while still allowing some differential function. Sharp turns on turf grass will result in turf damage; they’re ideally suited for off road use. Alternates between full traction on one side, 100ft-lbs on the other!
Made in Canada by Porcellato Engineering
$36.99US / $49.95Cdn
All KF & FE series engines inevitably succumb to camshaft rivet failures. There is no need to purchase a new camshaft in most cases unless the cam gear is damaged. We can provide the bolt kit you need and the installation instructions!
$12.99US / $16.88Cdn

Club Car Classifieds

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Note: We set up Club Car Classifieds advertisements at no cost, but charge a 10% commission on the final sale price. We’ll work hard to find those discontinued parts you need and buyers for those parts you don’t. We have over 12,000 Linkedin connections, 26,000 plus on Twitter etc.

Note: OEM and aftermarket parts are hosted together. Note: Use genuine Kawasaki or Club Car recommended parts and lubricants or their equivalents when possible. Parts that do not meet Club Car / Kawasaki’s design specifications may cause damage. Use the correct tools. Install new gaskets, O-rings, etc. when reassembling. When torquing bolts or nuts, tighten to the specified torque diagonally, unless a particular sequence is specified. Clean parts in cleaning solvent upon disassembly. Lubricate any sliding surfaces before reassembly. After reassembly, check all parts for proper installation and operation. Many screws used on FE and KF series engines are self-tapping. Be aware that cross-threading or over-tightening these screws will strip the threads. Use only metric tools when servicing Club Car engines, (with the exception of the R/L hand thread clutch bolt). Metric bolts, nuts and screws are not interchangeable with non-metric fasteners. The use of incorrect tools and fasteners will damage the unit.
Accessories, Battery Chargers, Body and Trim, Brakes / Components, Carryall / Turf / XRT, DS, Electrical System – Gas, Club Car Electrical System – 36/48v, FE290. FE350, FE400, KF82 Engines / Components,  Gas / Electric Transaxle, Onward, Precedent,  Steering / Suspension, Tempo, Tires / Wheels, Transporter 6 / 8, Transport + LSV, Villager.