Forklift Operator Recruitment – Posting on our Job board, (over 5,000 website visitors per month). We’ll publish your listing on our Linkedin (12,400 connections), as well as on our Twitter (27,000). We offer our recruitment services for free as a social enterprise.

We’ve established 100’s of relationships through our training business. Many of those customers asked if we could assist with operator acquisition. We can assist with recruiting and screening. We aim to deliver the best permanent and temporary operators, including those with shipping / receiving expertise.

Our Methods
Identify and reach out to candidates
We’ll tap you into our social media to find the best candidates to fill your position
Network with our contacts to find the best employed candidates
Database search to find potential candidates
Handle all advertising of the position to ensure maximum exposure and response
Screen the candidates online resume submission
Perform reference checks
Work with the candidates to ensure a smooth transition to their new position
Follow up with both parties

Don’t hesitate to contact us to begin an operator search or to inquire about other recruiting and hiring services which may be of interest to you.

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