DIY Forklift Operator Training

DIY Forklift Operator Training – Over 6000 Copies Sold!
DIY Forklift Operator Training: U.S.A. Edition

DIY Forklift Operator Training: U.S.A. Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

DIY Forklift Operator Training: Canadian Edition Paperback

DIY Forklift Operator Training: Canadian Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

Forklift Operator Training Exam Preparation

DIY Forklift Operator Training Exam Preparation (USA/Canada)
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Standalone version of the exam here. Link to Free 12 page Exam PDF (USA/Canada)

The DIY Forklift Operator Training programs listed above are available on Amazon. Employers can assign an existing trained operator as their in house trainer. The curriculum includes a copy of the exam and operational test. A printable (PDF) version of the exam / operational test is available via the link above. If you are issuing your own certificates and wallet cards, we’ve also included free templates for the certificate and wallet card below. We can also generate certificates and wallet cards for those who prefer it, at an additional cost.

Current price for a computer generated certificate and laminated wallet card is $29.95cdn.

Note: Volume discounts on certificate and wallet card production apply.
20-30 17.95ea, 30-60 15.95ea, 60-90 12.95ea and 100 plus at 9.95ea.
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Free Wallet Card Template (USA)

Free Certificate Template (USA)

Free Wallet Card Template (Canada)

Free Certificate Template (Canada)

The DIY Forklift Operator Training programs mentioned above are also available in Canada as serialized kits that include our producing the certificate and wallet card.  Click here to apply for your free trial kit.
Complete Kits are $49.95 plus freight. Contact us to learn more.

Our Forklift Operator Training Course covers the following items: Due Diligence Basics, Occupational Health & Safety Management, Course Objectives, General Safety Rules, Operator’s Daily Check, Terminology, Mast Types, Forklift Tire Types, The Professional Operator, Maintaining Control, Maintaining Stability, The Stability Triangle, Load Handling, Loading & Unloading Vehicles, Batteries, Safe Handling of Propane (LPG) Fuel, Maintenance, Fork Safety, Ergonomics, Common Factors in Forklift Hazards, Forklift Classes, Lift Codes and Images, Minimum Safe Approach Distance – MSAD, Designations, Glossary of Terms and much more.

Forklift Operators Daily Checklist (100 Copies)
Our checklists cover: Counterbalance Internal Combustion / Counterbalance Electric / Narrow Isle and Electric Pallet Trucks all on a single page. Click here for a Free sample

FAQ – Does your training course cover Class 2 stand on forklifts?

We don’t offer class 2 training specifically, but view the matter like this. All of the aspects of 1,4, 5 training generally covers the class 2 machines. We suggest that operators train to 1,4, 5 then focus on the unit specific training contained in the class 2 machines operator manual. Note that in many cases operators will also require fall restraints as in the case of any elevated platform, not covered in B335-15, but covered by other regulations Also note that our 1,4,5 training covers all aspects of B335-15 which applies to Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 powered lift trucks.

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