Free Trial Forklift Operator Training Kit

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Free Trial Forklift Operator Training Kit!
Get a free trial and you’ll have access to our fully compliant USA / Canadian kit, including laminated wallet card and certificate at no additional cost!
What’s included?
We’ll mail the latest version of our Forklift Operator Training Course, Exam / Operational Test Outline. We also include an addressed envelope. We’ll need a copy of the exam as we’re required to hold it on file for three years. If the exam is completed correctly, we’ll generate a certificate and wallet card and mail it back.

Apply for your Free Trial Forklift Operator Training Kit below.

Note: Our training is designed for employers that use forklifts with a staff member that can be appointed / designated to conduct the training. A verifiable business address is required as we will not send a trial kit out to a residential address. Note: Forklift operator training isn’t optional. OSHA Quickcard Here

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