Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & Accessories

Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & Accessories – Flat Rate Guide. I can assist from A to Z.

Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & AccessoriesI have over 20 years of Club Car / Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & Accessories experience and have worked hard to establish longstanding relationships with my customers. I look forward to establishing a relationship with you.

My rates are roughly half of the dealer, 75hr Cdn / 60hr US.
I’m happy to assist with all make Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & Accessories!

Brad Porcellato

Engine Repairs

We specialize in Club Car engine rebuilding!

ER1000 Minimum Engine Diagnostic Charge 1hr
ER1001 RE/RE FE290/350/400 Engine 3hrs
ER1002 RE/RE Case Cover Bearing .5hr
ER1003 RE/RE Cooling Tin, Coil and Advancer Unit .75hr
ER1004 FE Tear Down Labour 1hr
ER1005 FE Assembly Labour 2hrs
ER1006 KF82 Tear Down Labour 1.25hrs
ER1007 KF82 Assembly Labour 2.5hrs
ER1008 FE Series Cylinder Head Rebuild 1.5hrs
ER1009 KF82 Valve Grind 1.5hrs
ER1010 Surface FE290/350/400 Cylinder Head – Includes Lapping 1hr
ER1011 RE/RE Exhaust Guide / Sleeve Lock .75hr
ER1012 Replace Exhaust Seat 1hr
ER1013 Stage 1 Porting 1.5hrs
ER1014 Bore / Finish Hone KF82/FE290/350/400 Series .25 or .5mm 1.25hrs
ER1015 Fixed Hone KF82/FE290/350/400 Series -Finished with Ball Hone .75hr
ER1016 RE/RE 92141-2090 FE290 Link Arm Bushing .25hr
ER1017 RE/RE FE350/400 Link Arm – Polish Link Arm Race 1hr
ER1018  Bolt Cam gear to Correct for Loose Rivets 1hr
ER1019 Advanced Timing Key .5hr
ER1020 Lighten Flywheel 1hr
ER1021 RE/RE Broken Bolt or Stud / and or Install Heli-Coil .5hr
MC1000 Crating Charge. $95

We’re happy to rebuild / repair all make Golf Cart engines. Pricing and policy here!

Trans/Transaxle  / Clutch Repairs – Golf Cart Repair, Parts, & Accessories call or text 604.418.5682

Ask about our Club Car Limited Slip Shims

TTC1000 Minimum Transaxle/Transmission/Clutch Diagnostic Charge 1hr
TTC1001 89-96 Kawasaki Non Unitised Transmission Rebuild 4.hrs
TTC1002 97-UP Kawasaki Transaxle Rebuild 4.5hrs
TTC1003 Club Car 272 Transaxle Rebuild (Locker Style) 5hrs
TTC1004 Club Car Front Locking Differential Rebuild 3hrs
TTC1005 RE/RE Axle Assemblies 2hrs
TTC1006 RE/RE Drive Clutch, Disassemble, Jet Wash, Flip Plate and R/R Buttons 1.25hrs
TTC1007 RE/RE Driven Clutch, Disassemble, Jet Wash, R/R Bushing and Buttons 1hr
TTC1008 RE/RE Drive Clutch .25hr
TTC1009 RE/RE Driven Clutch .5hr
TTC1010 RE/RE 89-96 Kawasaki Non Unitized Transmission 1.5hrs
TTC1011 RE/RE Electric Transaxle 1.5hrs
TTC1012 RE/RE Gas Transaxle 1.75hrs

Did you know our Club Car Engine Rebuilding book contains hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams to help guide readers through the rebuilding process of their Club Car engine. Each step, from disassembly and inspection, through final assembly and tuning, is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. The information contained in the Club Car Engine Rebuilding book is believed to be true and complete to the best of Porcellato Engineering’s knowledge. All recommendations on parts and procedures are made without any guarantees. We disclaim all liability incurred in connection with use of this information, parts and procedures. Especially those that relate to emission controls where modification may be illegal. Available on Amazon

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