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Our approach to Social Media

Our approach to social media. We strive to develop value through everything we do. Engaging with our current and future customers on issues that matter to them allows us to bring greater impact to those we serve. Social media is a great way for us to have these conversations and hear your feedback. So, follow us and join in the conversation! Our privacy policy applies to the use of social media.

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The content we share across our social media channels aims to keep you informed about the latest and greatest. We attempt to create content with a purpose but most posts are promotional. Some of the content you may see includes new products, services, promotions or contests, and articles from our blog. In addition to the content above, you will also see that we share and retweet news and links that are aligned with our values and we believe will be relevant and helpful to our customers/followers.

Following / Followers

We follow accounts that are relevant to us. This could include individuals, businesses, community organizations, co-operatives, or thought leaders relevant to the work we do. Our choice to follow these accounts does not imply an endorsement or association of any kind.

Sponsored Content

I will occasionally collaborate with our customers and others. We do this to share our content with a wider audience to help grow awareness. Sponsored content will always disclose that the content is paid with one or more of the following indicators: Hashtags: #sponsored, #ad or #paid will be displayed for sponsored Twitter or Instagram posts ‘Sponsored’: Paid articles, blogs, videos or Facebook posts will always clearly display ‘sponsored’ We strive to build authentic and transparent relationships with our customers and the communities we serve through everything we do, including sponsored content.

Protect Yourself Online

Protecting your privacy should be a top priority. Please consider these techniques for remaining secure while using social media. Never publicly post your personal details such as your phone number, date of birth, address or employment details or common security questions (like your mother’s maiden name). Be judicious about whom you allow to be your “friend” online, or to join your network. Protect your mobile device. Do not leave your device unattended at any time. Ensure your phone’s password protection is up to date. Review all third-party social media pages’ privacy policies, guidelines and security settings prior to use.

Our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) are meant to be treated as community space for all our friends and customers. We want to ensure our social channels are a respectful place for everyone.

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