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TAILONZ PNEUMATIC Blue 1/2 Inch od 32 Meter 100ft PU Air Tubing Kit Pipe Hose Air Line Tubing Or Fluid Transfer Pneumatic tubing Price: $99.99 (as of 20/05/2024 09:06 PST- Details)

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【Model】Pu Tube(100ft/32Meter)
【Size】1/2”OD(12.7mm)8.5mm OD


Product feature:

  • Using Flexible, Has High Elasticity to Restore Memory Effect.
  • Pu Air Hose Features: Light-weight; Abrasion and Chemical Resistance;tasteless ; Minimal Pressure Loss; Convenient for Piping As It Has Better Flexibility Than Nylon Tubes.
  • Air Compress Hose Working Medium: Compressed Air, Vacuum ( Not Other Gas or Liquid); Application of Air Tube: Used for Piping of Pneumatic Devices.
  • High Flexibility Strong Restoring Force,connect and Disconnect Quick and Easy Without Any Other Tools.
  • It Will have to Be Under the Rated Working Pressure and Temperature, if You Need to Keep This Pu Tube in a Long Term Service Life. As Temperature Rise, Working Pressure Shall Be Reduced Correspondingly, if Go Beyond the Limiting, the Tube Can Rupture.
  • Light Weight, Abrasion Resistance, Chemical Corrosion Resistance, Non-toxic, Odorless, Low Pressure Loss, Better Flexibility Than Nylon Pipe, Easy Pipeline Transportation.


Package Included

  • 1 × 1/2 PU Tube(32 Meter)
  • 2 × 1/4″NPT Ball Valve
  • 2 × 1/4″Male Fittings
  • 6 × 1/2″ODx 1/4″NPT Male Fittings
  • 2 × 1/2″OD Unions
  • 4 × 1/2″OD Tees
  • 4 × 1/2″OD Elbows
  • 6 × Tube Clamps(incorporates Screw)
  • 3 × Fix Ed Aluminum Block
  • 2 × 1/4″45 Degree Street Elbow
  • 1 × Tubing Cutter
  • 3 × 1/4″Plug
  • 12 × Aluminum Block Nail


The Story Of Tailonz PneumaticThe Story Of Tailonz Pneumatic

The Story Of Tailonz Pneumatic

  • Tailonz Pneumatic Professional Production of Pneumatic Parts, Air Filters, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Pipelines and Other Pneumatic Components.
  • We Develop Tools and Products for Ourselves and Our Customers In accordance with Actual Needs and Expectations.
  • All Products Are Straight away Produced from the Factory to the Warehouse, We Ensure That Each Link, Each Process.

1/2″OD Pu Tube Kit(100ft/32Meter)

Product Parameter

  • Size:1/2″OD 8.5mm OD
  • Working Pressure:0~145Psi
  • Material: PU(Flexible, Has High Elasticity to Restore Memory Effect)
  • Working Temperature:0-60°C | -4~176°F
  • Product Feature:high Flexibility Strong Restoring Force,no Deformation With Bending
  • Use Range: Pneumatic Pneumatic Tools; Instruments,mechanical Gas Pipeline; Laboratory Automation Equipment; General Industrial Water and Gardening

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-csa-c-func-deps="aui-da-a-expander-toggle" data-csa-c-type="widget" data-csa-interaction-events="click" aria-expanded="false" role="button" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="Unusual Tube, Hard and Stable, Easy to Install, Easy to Process.

High Resilience

Can Transport a Variety of Media, Such As Oncorrosive Gas, Lubricating Oil, Water, And so forth., and Tolerance for a Variety of Chemical Corrosion, Stable Performance, High Resilience, Folding the Seamless, Wide Application Scope.Easy Pipeline Transportation.

All-Weather Flexibility

Even as Other Hoses Get Stiff and Brittle in Cold Temperatures,Stays Flexible Even in Subzero Weather Conditions.


  • PU Tube

  1. After the Tube is Connected and Installed, Pull the Tube to Make Sure That the Tube Cannot Pull out the Fittings.
  2. When Inserting the Tube, It Will have to Be Inserted into the Bottom of the Fittings. Failure to Insert the Tube into the Bottom May Lead to Air Leakage.
  3. Make Sure That the Cutting Surface of the Tube is Vertical, There is No Scar on the Outer Circumference of the Tube and the Tube is Not Oval.
  4. Tube Fittings Are Easy To Install, Flexible And Space-saving, 360-degree Rotate Freely, Release Rings Adopt Ellipse Design, Which Can Be Got rid of Conveniently.

  • We Provide Different Pneumatic Fittings to Meet Your Different Needs

4mm OD Pu tube 6mm OD Pu tube 10mm OD Pu tube 12mm OD Pu tube 14mm OD Pu tube 16mm OD Pu tube
4mm OD Pu tube 6mm OD Pu tube 10mm OD Pu tube 12mm OD Pu tube 14mm OD Pu tube 16mm OD Pu tube
Tube Size 4mm OD 2.5mm ID 6mm OD 4mm ID 8mm OD 5mm ID 12mm OD 8mm ID 14mm OD 10mm ID 16mm OD 12mm ID
Maximum Pressure 145Psi 145Psi 145Psi 145Psi 145Psi 145Psi
Working Temperature 4~174℉ 4~174℉ 4~174℉ 4~174℉ 4~174℉ 4~174℉
Length 32.8Ft/10Meter 32.8Ft/10Meter 32.8Ft/10Meter 32.8Ft/10Meter 16.4Ft/5Meter 16.4Ft/5Meter
Color Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
【Model】Pu Tube(100ft/32Meter)
【Size】1/2”OD(12.7mm)8.5mm OD
【Working Pressure】0-145Psi
【Working Temperature】-4℉~176℉
【Roduct Feature】high Flexibility Strong Restoring Force,no Deformation With Bending,resistance To Oils With No Crrosive