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The Godfather Trilogy – Collector’s Edition [4K UHD] Price: $169.65 (as of 03/01/2024 05:51 PST- Details)


Celebrating 50 years, this deluxe limited edition set offers, for the primary time in one collection, the crucial, definitive saga of the Corleone circle of relatives, overseen by director Francis Ford Coppola and in line with the bestselling novel by Mario Puzo. A global cultural touchstone captivating fans across generations, the iconic cinematic legacy of THE GODFATHER has immeasurably influenced popular culture, and rightfully earned its legacy as one of the crucial greatest within the history of motion pictures. Remastered and restored in 4K UHD with HDR-10 and Dolby Vision, this collection includes Highest Picture Academy Award® winners for Highest Picture THE GODFATHER and THE GODFATHER PART II, alongside the acclaimed conclusion MARIO PUZO’S THE GODFATHER CODA: THE DEATH OF MICHAEL CORLEONE. Bonus discs include both the Theatrical and 1991 cuts of THE GODFATHER PART III, in addition to a special features Blu-ray featuring all-new content. Exclusive to this collectible set are three exclusively commissioned illustrated portraits and a hardcover book featuring extensive photography and an introduction from Francis Ford Coppola, housed in a phenomenal foil-embossed box.