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We’re well known as North America’s leader in DIY Forklift Operator Training Kits.

Our Forklift Operator Training Kits are fully compliant with all CSA B335-15 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 / ANSI B56.1 Regulations. Employers can assign an existing trained operator as their in house trainer. We include a copy of the exam and operational test in our Forklift Operator Training Kits. A printable (PDF) version of the exam / operational test is available at no cost. If you are issuing your own certificates and wallet cards, we also offer free templates for both. We can also generate certificates and wallet cards for those who prefer it, at an added cost. Our Forklift Operator Training Kits (Curriculum), covers the following items: Due Diligence Basics, Occupational Health & Safety Management, Course Objectives, General Safety Rules, Operator’s Daily Check, Terminology, Mast Types, Forklift Tire Types, The Professional Operator, Maintaining Control, Maintaining Stability, The Stability Triangle, Load Handling, Loading & Unloading Vehicles, Batteries, Safe Handling of Propane (LPG) Fuel, Maintenance, Fork Safety, Ergonomics, Common Factors in Forklift Hazards, Forklift Classes, Lift Codes and Images, Minimum Safe Approach Distance – MSAD, Designations, Glossary of Terms and much more. Click here for a free trial.

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Forklift Operator Training Kits
RSE HD, Automotive LPG/CNG.
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Forklift Classifieds
Forklift Operator’s Daily Checklists /
 Pre-Operation Inspection – The pre-operation inspection is a daily or pre-shift inspection carried out by a trained lift truck operator (or qualified designated person) before the lift truck is operated. On completion of this inspection, if the truck is found to be in any way unsafe, the matter shall be reported immediately to the user’s designated authority, who shall ensure that the truck shall not be operated until it has been restored to a safe operating condition; or in need of repairs not related to safe operation, the matter shall be reported immediately to the user’s designated authority, who shall ensure that a schedule is established to carry out the repair work.

Our Club Car Engine Rebuilding book contains hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams to help guide readers through the rebuilding process of their Club Car engine. Each step, from disassembly and inspection, through final assembly and tuning, is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. The information contained in the Club Car Engine Rebuilding book is believed to be true and complete to the best of Porcellato Engineering’s knowledge. All recommendations on parts and procedures are made without any guarantees. We disclaim all liability incurred in connection with use of this information, parts and procedures. Especially those that relate to emission controls where modification may be illegal.

Safety: Because our Club Car Engine Rebuilding book is intended to be utilized by those with previous mechanical training and experience, we do not provide warnings about many basic shop safety practices (e.g., Hot parts-wear gloves). If you have not received shop safety training or do not feel confident about your knowledge of safe servicing practice, we recommend that you do not attempt to perform the procedures described in this manual. Porcellato Engineering cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in performing service and repair procedures on Club Car engines.