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We’re well known as North America’s leading DIY Forklift Operator Training kit supplier. But did you know we’re also an experienced, technically based sales and marketing agency? We support premier companies in the MRO, industrial and material handling channels in North America. One of those companies, Lanz Mechanical, has authorized us to set up deep discounts on forklift parts for Canadian customers. Call or text 604.418.5682 for details.

New for 2019, Forklift Operator Recruitment. We’ve established 100’s of relationships through our training kit business. Many of those customers asked if we could assist with operator acquisition. ¬†We can help with both recruiting and screening. We aim to deliver the best permanent and temporary operators, including those with shipping / receiving expertise. We offer our recruiting services at no charge as a social enterprise.

Another new service, our Forklift Classifieds. From helping you move NOS inventory, to work ready forklifts and used parts. We’re happy to push your ads out to our social media audience as well. Our Linkedin is 12,600, Twitter 26,000, Instagram 1700 etc.
Home of the Forklift Classifieds



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