1012799, M&S, 1984-1985, DS Gasoline Vehicles

1012799, M&S, 1984-1985, DS Gasoline Vehicles, 132 Pages




1012799, M&S, 1984-1985, DS Gasoline Vehicles, 132 Pages, $24.95

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Section 1 – Safety
Section 2 – General Information
Model Identification
Pre-Operation Checklist
Controls and Operation
Driving Instructions
Section 3 – Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Service Schedule
Periodic Lubrication Chart
Periodic Service Chart
Section 4 – Troubleshooting Car
Section 5 – Electrical
General Information
Wiring Diagram
Electrical Circuit Testing
Starter Generator
Voltage Regulator
Key Switch
Starter Switch
Kill Switch
Reverse Buzzer
Reverse Warning Buzzer Switch
Oil Alert Unit
Oil Light
Service Toggle Switch
Neutral Lock-Out Switch
Section 6- Engine
General Information
Spark Plug
Cylinder, Valves, Piston and Rings
Section 7 – Fuel System
General Information
Engine Control Linkage
Air Cleaner
Fuel Filter
Fuel Pump
Fuel Tank
Section 8 – Exhaust System
General Information
Muffler Vibration Mounts
Exhaust Header Pipe
Section 9 – Torque Converter
General Information
Drive Belt
Drive Clutch
Driven Clutch
Section 10 – Transmission and Governor
General Information
Section 11 – Differential
General Information
Axle Shaft Assembly
Differential Assembly
Section 12 – Steering And Suspension
General Information
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Bearings and Hubs
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Section 13 – Brakes
General Information
Adjustment and Inspection
Brake Shoes
Brake Assembly
Brake Pedal Assembly
Section 14 Body and Trim
General Information
Periodic Maintenance
Front Cowl
Body and Seat
Body Sound Insulation
Inner Fender


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