1014187, M&S, 1986-1991, DS Electric Vehicles

1014187, M&S, 1986-1991, DS Electric Vehicles, 160 Pages




1014187, M&S, 1986-1991, DS Electric Vehicles, 160 Pages, $26.95

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Section 1 General Information
Model Identification
Pre-Operation Checklist
Controls and Operation
Driving Tips
Section 2 Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Service Schedule
Periodic Service Chart
Periodic Lubrication Chart
Section 3 Electrical
Wiring Schematic
Troubleshooting Guide
Circuit Testing
Wiring Diagram
Electrical Components
Section 4 Batteries
Battery Care
Battery Charging
Catch-Up Charge Recommendations
Battery Testing
Battery Storage
Section 5 – Battery Charger
Section 6 – Motor
Disassembly of Motor from Differential
Motor Testing
Motor Repair
Motor Assembly
Motor Installation
Section 7- Steering and Suspension
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Bearings and Hubs
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Section 8 – Drive Train
Axle Assembly and Seal Replacement
Removing Differential Assembly
Disassembly and Inspection
Assembly and Installation
Section 9 – Brakes
Adjustment and Inspection
Adjusting Brake Shoes
Brake Pedal and Cable Adjustment
Park Brake Adjustment
Brake Shoe Replacement
Brake Assembly Removal
Brake Pedal Disassembly
Section 10 – Accelerator Control Linkage
Speed Controller and Pedal adjustment
Pedal and Linkage Removal
Section 11- Body and Trim
Body and Cowl Maintenance
Seat Maintenance
Front Cowl Removal
Body and Seat Removal
Body Installation
Floor Mat Replacement


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