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1962-1973 Powerglide Transmission Parts, Sales and Service

1962-1973 Powerglide Transmission Parts, Sales and Service
Hover over the exploded view below to zoom in for a detailed view. Use the reference number to view the part details below. Call email or text for price and availability. Please note that Covid19 has resulted in availability challenges with some components. Also, note that all items are priced in US funds.

Take a moment to check out my DIY Powerglide book. It contains over 400 colour photos, charts, and diagrams to help guide readers through the rebuild of a Powerglide Transmission. Each step, from disassembly and inspection, through final assembly and adjustment, is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. Performance Mods / Repair / Rebuilding is also covered in detail. This book was written to serve do-it-yourself enthusiasts rebuilding a Powerglide for the first time.

Ill. No.DescriptionQTYYear PartNo.Ref. No.Price
1Master Overhaul Kit with Steels162-73 114006114006F
1.25Master Overhaul Kit less Steels162-73 114004114004F
1.5Master Overhaul Kit W/ Rings & Seals162-73 114002114002F
2Filter Kit (Includes gasket, item #51)162-73 114011114011F
21962-1973 Powerglide Transmission Filter162-731140106263005
31962-1973 Powerglide Transmission Low Band162-73 1140223883918
3Low Band (High Performance)162-73 114022HP28314-K
3Low Band (High Performance) (Extra wide, Red lining)162-73114022BHPNRN
4Bushing kit (Does not include wedding Band)162-73 114030NRN
5Pump Body Bushing162-73 4403429511860
5Pump Body Bushing (Teflon)162-73 44034TNRN
6Clutch Drum Bushing162-73 54034A8628913
7Rear Pump Body / Governor Support Bushing262-73114034B3789877
8Sun Gear Bushing (Wedding Band)162-73 1140528436
9Output Shaft Pilot Bushing162-73 440623789034
10Case Bushing162-731140643789009
11Extension Housing Bushing (Grooved)162-73 440663717682
12Front (Metal clad seal)162-73 440708641826
13Linkage / Selector Shaft (Metal clad seal)162-73 1140723789137
14Rear (Metal clad seal)162-73 440743932295
15High Friction Plate (.098")4 to 562-731141063779904
15High Friction Plate (.098") High Performance (Blue)4 to 562-73 R114106HPNRN
15High Friction Plate (.098") High Performance (Red)4 to 562-73 A114106HPNRN
15High Friction Plate (.062") High Performance (Blue)4 to 662-73R114106AHPNRN
15High Friction Plate (.062") High Performance (Red)4 to 662-73 A114106AHPNRN
16Reverse Friction Plate5 to 662-73 441148641512
16Reverse Friction Plate - High Performance (Red)5 to 662-73 A44114HP8651513
17High Steel Plate (.070")3 to 662-73 1141261366440
17High Steel Plate (.070") Kolene3 to 662-73114126KS019701K
17High Steel Plate (.060")3 to 662-73 114126BNRN
17High Steel Plate (.060") Kolene3 to 662-73 114126BKS019701AK
17High Steel plate with Holes - Kolene3 to 662-73114126DNRN
17High Friction & Steel Kit (.060") High Perf Red Eagle 8 pcs per kit162-73 114106AHPK19740AUP8
17High Friction & Steel Kit (.060") High Perf Red Eagle & Kolene kit162-73 114106APPK19755-HP
18Reverse Steel Plate (.070")4 to 662-73 1141306256553
18Reverse Steel Plate (.070") - Kolene4 to 662-73 114130K6256553
18Reverse Friction & Steel Kit, Anti Drag162-73A114114PPKNRN
18.1Steel Module, 5 Direct and 5 Reverse Steels162-73 114139NRN
191962-1973 Powerglide Transmission Modulator - ADJ162-73 114160352635
20Reprogramming Kit (Race or Street by Transgo)162-73T114171PG-2S
21Sealing Ring Kit162-73 114175NRN
22Sealing Rings - Input Shaft262-73 1141773817715
23Sealing Rings - High Clutch Drum & Governor462-73 1141793689808
24Sealing Ring - Low Servo162-73 1141953789084
25Thrust Washer - Direct Drum (.078")162-73114229B28406C
26Direct Sun Gear Washer located in Planetary162-7311424738208
26.1Powerglide Planetary Carrier to Case Thrust Bearing (Good Used)162-7314.95
26.1Powerglide Planetary Carrier to Case Thrust Bearing162-73 APG-28438RST42.95
26.2Powerglide Low Sun Gear Thrust Bearing (Good Used)162-73 18.95
26.2Powerglide Low Sun Gear Thrust Bearing (For Non Thrust Washer Carriers)162-73APG-28321RST49.95
27Gasket, Pan -Cork162-731143003789148
27Gasket, Pan - Fibre162-73 114300F3789148
28Metal Wear Plate in Rear Pump Models (No gasket)162-66RP311037890559.95
28Gasket, Governor Cover without Rear Pump162-73 114306NRN
29Gasket, Low Servo Cover162-731143073789083
30Gasket, Front Pump162-73 1143103789022
31O-Ring, Front Pump162-73 1143113789013
32Gasket, Upper Valve Body with Rear Pump162-73 114320ANRN
33Gasket, Upper and Lower Valve Body without Rear Pump262-73 114320BNRN
34Gasket, Lower Valve Body with Rear Pump162-73114321BNRN
35Gasket, Filter162-73 1143263795900
36Gasket, Modulator162-73114327625218
37Lathe Cut Seal, Extension Housing to Case162-73 114348NRN
38O-Ring, Low Servo162-73 11435928821-OR
39Pump with Updated Components162-73 114500HDNRN
40Stator Support Shaft, (Stator Tube)162-73 11452928154S
41Pump Gear Set162-73 11453028201
42Direct Clutch Hub162-73 11457528304
43Input Shaft (HD with upgraded material and lubrication)162-73A114670HDNRN
43.1Input Shaft (Good Used) Specify 1.76 12-7/8 long162-733946732394673249.95
43.2Input Shaft (Good Used) Specify 1.82 12-5/8 long162-733950385395038539.95
44Piston for 10 Clutch Direct Drum Only (Good Used OEM also Available)162-73 A114965XA28765-05
45Servo Assembly, Super Hold by Sonnax (Good Used OEM Available)162-73S114910HP28821-09K
46Torque Converter Nuts 3/8NF362-73 M474GCNRN
46Torque Converter Bolts 3/8NF x 9/16"362-73 M464GHNRN
47Flare Fittings for Cooler - 5/16F x 1/8th NPT262-73 M462GBNRN
48Flex Plate 153T162-73G111471529
49Assebmlee Goo (Blue)162-73 M465TB19260
50Torque Converter (283, 292, 307, 327, 350) 12-1/4 dia 10-1/2 Bolt Circle162-73PG44654677681
50Torque Converter (6 cylinder with shroud) 11-3/4 dia 10-1/2 Bolt Circle163-73PG64679078650
50Torque Converter (6 cylinder without shroud) 11-3/4 dia 10-1/2 Bolt Circle166-73PG3NRN
50Torque Converter (396) 12-1/4 dia 12" Bolt Circle with Captive Nuts11965PG54654677682
50Torque Converter (Vega 4 cylinder) 11-3/4 dia 10-1/2 Bolt Circle171-73PG8NRN
50Torque Converter (409) 12-1/4 dia with 3 Mtn Brks & Captive Nuts163-68PG2NRN
50Torque Converter (Corvair) 10-3/4 dia .905 Pilot on 1.750 Hub, 22 spline163-69PG1NRN
51Rear Pump with Gear Set (Used Only)162-663818872381887249.95
51Governor Support (Used Only)167-733890523381052349.95
521.76 Planetary Gear Set, 27 Spline (Used Only)166-7339207853920785199.95
521.82 Planetary Gear Set, 27 Spline (Used Only)166-733920786392078689.95
53Rear Pump Drive Pin (Used Only)162-66370906337090634.95
54Case, All Chevrolet with Powerglide except Vega (Good Used)162-7339818553981855149.95
54Case, Camaro with Torque Drive (Good Used)168-7239818563981856129.95
55Pan, Powerglide and Torque Drive (Good Used)162-733789146378914619.95
56Valve Body Ass'y Available (Good Used) (Call)162-733968073396807369.95
57Spring, Range Selector Detent Roller (Good Used)162-73383932038393201.99
58Range Selector Detent Roller lever and Sping Mount (Good Used)162-73388620038862005.99
59Parking Pawl Assembly (Good Used)162-733815199381519949.95
60Band Adjustment Screw Kit with Wadge and Strut (Good Used)162-733789089378908914.95
61Governor, (Good Used Complete Ass'y Available)162-733850510385051029.95
62Speedometer Adapters and Gears (Various Good Used)162-738672098672094.95
63Servo Tube (Good Used)162-73ST3108NRN9.95
64Servo Cover (Good Used OEM Available)162-73SC3109NRN12.95
65Manual Valve (Good Used OEM Available)162-733764190376419019.95
66Rooster Comb Kit (Good Used OEM Available)162-73RC3111RC311119.95
67Misc. Dipsticks and Throttle Valve lingage Assemblies (Good Used)162-73TVDS11TVDS119.95
68Reverse Clutch Cushion (Good Used)162-73384538459.95
69Reverse Clutch Pressure Plate (Good Used)162-736257625719.95
70Reverse Clutch Snap Ring (Good Used)162-73379637969.95
71Reverse Clutch Piston Return Spring Set (Good Used)162-73585858589.95
72Reverse Clutch Piston Return Snap Ring (Good Used)162-73569856984.95
73Reverse Clutch Spring Retainer (Good Used)162-73786578657.95
74Reverse Clutch Piston (Good Used)162-735699569929.95
75Direct Clutch Return Spring Set (Good Used)162-735700570029.95
76Direct Clutch Piston Return Snap Ring (Good Used)162-73569956994.95
77Direct Clutch Spring Retainer (Good Used)162-73570057007.95
78Direct Clutch Hub Small Wear Plate (Good Used)162-733285328510.95
79Direct Clutch Hub Large Wear Plate (Good Used)162-734633463314.95
80Direct Clutch Sun Gear (Good Used) 1.76162-734634463349.95
80.1Direct Clutch Sun Gear (Good Used) 1.82162-734635463339.95
81Direct Clutch Drum (Good Used)162-734636384425249.95
82Direct Clutch Snap Ring (Good Used)162-73463746374.95
83Direct Clutch Cushion Plate (Good Used)162-73463846389.95
84Extension Housing (Good Used)162-734639463939.95

Just a reminder… Re-using quality used parts from another 1962-1973 Powerglide Transmission is perhaps the purest form of recycling. Not only will you be preventing a mountain of waste from ending up in landfills, but you’ll also be reducing the need for new products to be manufactured.

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