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Our Blog – just a brief introduction to what it’s all about & what you can expect.

First of all, this blog was the foundation of my Service Management book offered on Amazon kindle. (No need to buy that book, it’s all here. Save the $1.99). I offer thoughts, opinions, comments and deep-dives based on my career as a service manager. Most of the posts are relatively short, some a little longer. I promise to update these posts when needed, keep it relevant and related to what is going on in the world of service management.

If you find a blog post interesting and have a comment or a question, you’re more than welcome to get in touch via contact us.

Finally, you are always more than welcome to share our blog posts with “the perfect person” who might also be interested. Perhaps you simply feel like sharing a blog post to the world! That would be perfectly fine with us as well.

All the best!
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