Club Car Engine and Transaxle Cores

Club Car Engine and Transaxle CoresClub Car Engine and Transaxle cores, do you have one you’d like to sell? We are actively seeking CCW/CW FE290’s, FE350 and FE400’s. We also buy complete, running KF82 Engines. Why? We love breathing new life into Club Car vehicles, but there’s also an environmental upside.

The Environmental Impact

Studies show that rebuilt engines need 50% less energy and only 67% of the labor required to produce new engines. The Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, demonstrated the yearly energy savings by remanufacturing worldwide equals the electricity generated by five nuclear power plants or 10.7 million barrels of crude oil, that’s an equivalent to a fleet of 233 oil tankers. The yearly raw materials saved by remanufacturing worldwide would fill 155,000 railroad cars forming a train 11,100 miles long.

Green Benefits From Remanufacturing

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association, an industry group dedicated to promoting remanufacturing processes, outlines several areas where its members’ practices benefit the environment. Our remanufacturing process reflects these outcomes.

Energy Conservation

Unused and discarded engines are often melted down to be reused. But to do that, it takes intense heat. The smelting process consumes millions of barrels of oil or other forms of energy. Remanufacturing engines helps reduce the input to resmelting.

Raw Material Conservation

A remanufactured engine typically takes 1½ engines to produce. This recycling of parts gives at least a second life to the components and reduces the need for raw materials like iron, aluminum and copper necessary to build new parts.

Conserving Landfill Space

Remanufactured Club Car Engine and Transaxle cores also keep iron, aluminum and copper from landfills, thereby saving space and money.

Reduces Air Pollution

Resmelting releases pollutants into the air. Once again, keeping parts out of the resmelting process benefits the environment by reducing the air pollution that is generated by resmelting.

Reach out with what you have and we’ll make an offer ASAP.


Brad Porcellato


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