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Club Car Engine Rebuilding

Club Car FE290, FE350, FE400 and KF82 Engine Book Cover Image.
Club Car Engine Rebuilding – I wrote the book on it!

Founded in 2001, we’ve produced some of the most powerful, reliable rebuilt Club Car engines in the world. Every effort is given to offer a product that excels in quality and performance at a competitive price. We believe you get a better engine or transaxle when it is assembled start to finish with individual attention to detail, and pride in meeting the highest quality standards.

It’s our mission to provide Club Car owners and enthusiasts with the parts, service, and knowledge that fulfill their needs at the right price. Put my 23yrs of Club Car experience to work for you.

Club Car Engine Rebuilding – Club Car / Kawasaki 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Engines 1984 – 2013 KF82 – FE290 – FE350 – FE400. Also includes: 1997-2013 Club Car Gas Transaxle, 1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K HS Gear Installation, 1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K Posi Shims.

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For your convenience, FE290-FE350-FE400 Torque Specifications.

Our Club Car Engine Rebuilding book contains hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams to help guide readers through the rebuilding process of their Club Car engine. Each step, from disassembly and inspection, through final assembly and tuning, is presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly format. The information contained in the Club Car Engine Rebuilding book is believed to be true and complete to the best of our knowledge. All recommendations on parts and procedures are made without any guarantees. We disclaim all liability incurred in connection with use of this information, parts and procedures. Especially those that relate to emission controls where modification may be illegal.

We cover the following in detail:

Tool List
General Information
Engine Rotation (CW vs CCW)
Engine Disassembly FE Series / FE Series Assembly
FE Series Torque and Bore Specs
FE Series Performance – Jetting, 22mm Mikuni, Timing Advance Keys, Flywheel Lightening, Cylinder Head Milling, Porting, Cam Timing, Building the 325cc Big Bore FE290 and CW Removal.
FE Series Repairs – Remote Oil Cooler, Bolted Cam Gear, FE400 Smoke fix, Exhaust Guide Repair, Link Arm Bushing Replacement, Cylinder Head Assembly and Piston Orientation.

KF82 General Information – KF82 Torque Specs
KF82 Disassembly
KF82 Measurement / Inspection
KF82 Assembly
KF82 Pictures for Reference
KF82 / FE290 – FE400 Ignition Testing
KF82 / FE290 – FE400 Parts Reference

1997-2013 Club Car Gas Transaxle
1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K HS Gears
1997-2013 CC Gas / Type K Posi Shims
1997-13 CC Gas TA Pic’s for Reference

Safety: Because our Club Car Engine Rebuilding book is intended to be utilized by those with previous mechanical training and experience, we do not provide warnings about many basic shop safety practices (e.g., Hot parts-wear gloves). If you have not received shop safety training or do not feel confident about your knowledge of safe servicing practice, we recommend that you do not attempt to perform the procedures described in this manual. We cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in performing service and repair procedures on Club Car engines. Only you can decide whether or not you should perform a given task.

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